Can Americans survive the Biden Administration without an attack?

On this day 20 years ago, terrorists woke the wrong sleeping giant. The attacks united the American public behind the crazies in the White House and the American war machine was pushed eastward. When 60 years earlier in 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, the erstwhile isolationist public called for a revenge mission. Now, the US has an incompetent President. The Americans are seeing the results of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, and unlike Biden lied, the military high command advised against American withdrawal. Others are thinking about the atrocities committed by the American forces in Afghanistan. I see both as lessons to the world and the beginning of a vicious cycle that might draw the Americans into war once more.

The Americans have no allies, nor military assets on the ground in Afghanistan. ISIS-K is spreading its tentacles. In the face of American withdrawal, the group bombed the Americans. Joe Biden has conceded the space completely with no plans to secure a re-entry when it becomes necessary. It is a vicious cycle. The Americans will be harassed by the terror group Biden had falsely insisted had been crushed. Politics will change. Rhetorics will change. Views will change. Another 9/11 is possible given the circumstances. The clock is ticking.

Ojo, Aderemi Ibadan, Nigeria. ojderemi@gmail.com


Ojo, Aderemi is a Historian, teacher, public speaker, writer, politician, and community organiser. He was trained at the University of Ibadan and was President of the Students Union.

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