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Be the Change Conference

Ojo, Aderemi spoke about how power works and how it affects everyday life even when we are not willing to accept it. He also shared his experience on how to be responsible in public spaces using what a writer once said. Power + responsibility equals a great citizen.

Phoenix Royal Foundation

Sustainable Education: “Tool for mitigating Sub-Sahara Africa Challenges”

Brain Storming Session

Navigating/Combatting Youth Oppression in Nigeria’s societal institutions.

Maximizing one’s leadership potential for Social Impact.

Youths and Politics; How do I participate?

Nights of Reminiscence seeks to bring together former students leaders from different institutions across the country in a series of live conversations on Twitter space.

Polity Reporters is a non-biased online news outlet that covers both local and worldwide news.

Ojo, Aderemi spoke about the kind of leaders we need and that is a leader who can sacrifice everything about themselves and themselves if possible. Ponama Basuki, Governor of Jarkata.

Developing the Educational Sector - Ofiki, Okee-Ogun, Oyo State

A brief discussion on how to navigate through life; to attain good results and why, against all odds, one must be educated.

1st Ibadan Youth Summit organized by Ibadan Prime Youth Forum

The Burden of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria, whose Fault: Sustainable Intervention and Solution.

Bode Amao Hall, Ibadan House, Oke Aremo, Ibadan.

Secure the Future – Oyo State International Children’s Day

Ojo, Aderemi shared how Nigeria’s democracy and politics developed, its realities and challenges from a global perspective. He reached a conclusion by encouraging young persons with the right mindset to get involved in politics.


Political Participation, Leadership, History and the Political Dilemma of Nigeria.

A conversation on how Africa is being actively partitioned/recolonized by emerging world powers at Apata-ganga, Ibadan.

Ojo, Aderemi shares his thoughts on the subject: The Nigeria of our Dream: Our roles in Nation Building at De-Vine International Hotels and Suites, Meridian, Apala Ibadan.

Conversations with Pa Farombi at Splash FM 105.5 Ibadan

Ojo, Aderemi was host at the National Youth Leadership and Security Summit organised by the Youths for Social Impact in conjunction with the Oyo State Government. 14 August, 2021.

Heroes and Heroines Initiative on “The Nigerian Youths, Self Leadership and People Leadership”. On the 29th of May, 2021 at 7:30pm.

The National Association of Nigerian Students invited Ojo, Aderemi to speak on “Student leadership/development [and self-development].

He shared his thoughts in relations to the sustenance of democracy in Nigeria and Africa.

Ojo, Aderemi joined speakers from across the continent to discuss Africa. The conversation themed: “Why is the world moving forward when Africa appears to be moving backwards?” took place on Zoom, 15/05/21.

Ojo, Aderemi at a discussion on the role of youths in National Politics at Pensioners FM.  

Anchor: Pius Omang Nsabe. 03/04/21.


The Strategic Place of Youth in Africa’s Development. On the Personal development Series. 01/04/21.

Ojo, Aderemi spoke on the theme: Advancing Ethical Leadership. 

The questions in student’s leadership: The Peculiarity of The Nigerian Academic Environment. 


Ojo, Aderemi spoke on “The Departure From the Norm”. hed his book on January 3rd. He was also presented a merit award at the book launch. 

At Teens Banquet IG LIVE event. Theme: Leadership and Finding Purpose. 12/06/20

Ojo, Aderemi spoke about Young People’s affairs and their place in the public and governance space. 


“An educated youth armed with the internet is a dangerous being.” – Ojo, Aderemi 

“No government or movement have the right to determine what one should or should not say.”



Ojo, Aderemi has spoken at several conferences on Nigerian university campuses and national and international platforms.

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