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Platinum Deremi Hub (PD Hub) is an opinion, debate, and research publishing tribune founded and owned by a Nigerian – Ojo, Aderemi. It aims to inform the public and bring consciousness to young people across Nigeria and Africa.


October 2018

About Platinum deremi


PD Hub provides media for researchers in different walks of life -business, entertainment, grassroots organising, activism, education, religion, sports, entrepreneurship, politics, and journalism to exchange their ideas for the public to reflect on.


PD Hub is not apolitical -it encourages volunteers and other members of society to participate in political processes, grassroots movements, and governance. The Hub is poised to organise book projects across cities -a healthy mind is good for progress in society. Its website and talk series were established in October 2018.


To build a world-class media stage of Nigerian origin for advancing literacy and value orientation among Nigerians and members of society. 

We are committed to spreading good values, providing accurate information and news, aiding mind development, education, digital and technological awareness, mentoring young people, and stimulating leadership attitudes.


  • Providing journalists, political scientists, entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs a platform to present their ideas to the public.
  • Presenting a platform for young minds to engage in intelligent discussions.
  • Building business and ideas by creating a link between coaches and upcoming social and business entrepreneurs.
  • Providing a platform for recognizing unique abilities.


  • To build social skills through practical engagements with the global phenomenon.
  • Raise college students and graduates who are equipped to handle real issues with informed confidence.

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