Projects Developed by Ojo, Aderemi

Àwa’rawa Movement is a political force, a campaign group that seeks to identify various socio-political issues, propose sustainable solutions to them, and fix the divide between the Local Government and her people.

Platinum Deremi Hub (PD Hub) is an opinion, debate, and research publishing tribune founded and owned by a Nigerian – Ojo, Aderemi. It aims to inform the public and bring consciousness to young people across Nigeria and Africa.

The initiative represents an attempt at pulling all the students of Oyo State into understanding the workings of Governor ‘Seyi Makinde-led administration, and to know the onus of governance.

Journalists, students, researchers and opinion makers will gather to express their opinions on the serious question.

Nights of Reminiscence seeks to bring together former students leaders from different institutions across the country in a series of live conversations on Twitter space. Each participant will recall their unique experiences and draw a comparison with today.

The Masterclass series is to teach basic skills for 21st century young people. 

Of course, in company of friends. 

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